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Who Am I

Who am I ?

I really don’t know who I am. I thought I knew who I am, I thought I knew what I was. When asked “Who do you think you are ?”, I answered, I am an artist, photographer, and I am also an amateur writer. I was told “you’re wrong, this is not what you really are”, and that made me feel confused. If I am not an artist, a photographer, and a writer, what could I be ? These are the only things I know best about myself, these were the only identities that I held on to for many years, and now you come and tell me that I am wrong, and that this is not really who I am ?! Who am I ? Tell me how can I answer this question of identity ? Can I find my true identity if I sold all my material possessions, and search for the wisdom of the sages, like Julian from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri” did ? How can “true” identity be found ?