He’ll Never Know: A Love Rant

He doesn’t know that I love him, he doesn’t even know that I exist, I was there by his side a couple of times, but he never knew that the girl that was in his presence was deeply in love with him. I don’t know much about him, other than his name, and his passion towards art and creativity. It was his sense of creativity that drew me closer to him, it was his sense of creativity that made me wish if I personally knew him. Sometimes I wonder, is it him that I am in love with, or is it his sense of creativity ? How can you be in love with someone you’ve never even spoken to in real life ? Is it possible to be madly in love with a stranger like that ? He taught me something valuable, he taught me to see the beauty in the ordinary, he taught me to see beauty in things that other people might describe as “ordinary“. I think it’s true when they say “artists learn from other artists”. My perspective in art became similar to his perspective, I started imitating his style, because I wanted my art to speak his soul. Nowadays it feels like I am only making art in order to impress him, or in order to send him a message through my artwork. The good thing about it is that unlike other people, he understands most of the hidden messages in my art. I love him, I love his sense of creativity, I love how deep and intellectual he is, but the sad part about this is that he’ll never know about me, he’ll never know about the girl who goes to the same restaurant every now and then in order to see him, he’ll never know about the girl who makes up a deep conversation about life with him inside her head, he’ll never know about the girl who wishes for him to notice her.