What’s more important, technology, or our hands ?


Recently, I paid a visit to the bookstore located in my university, and as I searched the shelves for a new book to read, I stumbled upon this tiny book, “The book of questions”. I went through the pages, and I saw that each page contained a specific question that you could ask yourself, your friends, or your family members. This book can be used as a game, however, I am using it as a “writing prompt”. The first question says “technology has become a part of us. Would you rather lose the use of all motorised vehicles, all telecommunication devices, or one of your hands ?

I believe that’s hard to answer at this moment. We have grown so accustomed to using technology that we never thought about what it would feel like to live without them. Technology has helped us, and it also brought us troubles. Personally speaking, I believe that it is better to live without technology. Just like how our parents and grandparents lived without it, we too can live without it. I had a teacher in uni who told me that she doesn’t have a television at her house, she doesn’t like to use her laptop, and she is not fond of using a mobile phone for something other than making important calls. We asked her, “but what do you do for fun ?”, she said “I read a book”. I believe it is easy to live without technology, because I myself have gone through a 3 month technology detox. I eliminated all use of technological devices. For 3 months, I did not used my BlackBerry, I did not use my PC, and I also stopped watching TV. Instead, I shifted all my attention to my studies. The purpose of the experiment was to see what was the root of my low grades problem, was I naturally unintelligent, or was there an external factor that was affecting my school grades? In my senior year in high-school, I had low grades, I always struggled with my grades, however, when I stopped the use of technology, my grades started to go higher than they used to be. My performance in school wasn’t the only thing that changed drastically. I got less headaches, less neck/back pains, the pain I felt in my eyes due to the light from my phone was reduced, and I also felt that I was a “happier” person, because for once in my life, I was feeling “free”. Free from what ? you ask….Free from the chains of technology.

Can we really live without technology ? I guess the answer would be “Yes”. Life without technology was hard but simple in some kind of way. Before technology, people visited each other, before technology, the whole family sat in the living room together, they knew what was going on in the house. Before technology, parties were for socialising, it was not for sitting on your phone all day, texting, and taking selfies with others. Before technology, children played OUTSIDE. If I had the chance to build a time traveling machine, I would go back in time to when there was no technology whatsoever. (Yes, I will use technology to go back in time to when there was no technology)



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