Just make the right choice…(Uni rant)

If you are a sophomore in university, and now is the time for you to choose the subject you want to major in in Uni, make sure not to pick something you wouldn’t enjoy. Just make sure that whatever major you want to major in must be enjoyable and beneficial for your life. There are so many choices offered to you by the university, you could choose something that most people would major in, for example “business” and “media”, or you could choose to major in a field that isn’t that well known. I will tell you something important, it is something I wish I did when I had the chance to do it….”Follow your dreams” ! Yes, it’s that simple, just follow your dreams. I did a mistake, and now I regret it, and my mistake was that I chose the wrong major. I thought I really wanted it, but after 3.5 years, I realized that this wasn’t really what I was expecting, and that this wasn’t what I aimed for. The major that I chose was international affairs. I liked it at the beginning because I was curious, my curiosity drove me to major into something that would clarify to me how the international system works. Truth be told, there were some aspects of this major that I enjoyed, however, I later on felt that it is such a heavy, sort of dry subject to learn about for 4 years. I made a mistake when I chose international affairs, because this wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. I can proudly say that what I am mostly passionate about was “Art”.  I started drawing at a very young age, and that was the only thing that made me happy. I was going to major in art, but unfortunately, I listened to the voices of people that did not know much about art. “Art will not get you anywhere” “What are you going to do for a living if you majored in art ?” I listened to them, and I neglected what I was passionate about. I still wish if I blocked their voices, and chose art major instead.

The lesson that you should get from this is “do what makes you happy”, “follow your dreams”, “live life for your own self”. No one should tell you how to live, no one should make your choices for you. When you reach uni, you become the master of your own choices. I believe that your parents must not choose the major for you (that’s not my case), you should choose the major you want, because THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Don’t major in something just ’cause your friend is majoring in it, because chances are, you might really hate that major, or you might not be as bright as your friend is in that specific major. Always choose something that you feel would be ideal for you. Remember, even if you did not like the major you chose, do not quit ! I did have the urge to quit, but I did not succumb to that urge. Instead, I reminded myself that I needed to continue, and if I quit now, I will not get a degree. Getting my degree is the only thing that is urging me to continue studying something that I don’t want to study. Finally, before you choose your major, just ask yourself “do I really want to study that for 4 years ?” “Is that going to benefit me later on ?”….and remember, think thoroughly before you choose.



3 thoughts on “Just make the right choice…(Uni rant)

  1. I’m majoring in International Affair ( Sophomore) I’m really enjoying it like your love for Art, my story is the opposite, people always advised me to major in IT because I’m really good with technology, but I enjoy philosophy, history, and politics. I’m still not sure because I’m afraid i won’t find a job in my major field. But reading this made me feel that I made the right choice, thank you for sharing this post with us!

    1. Don’t be afraid, you will definitely find a job. Nowadays, they are searching for international affairs students. 😀 good luck, and don’t stop doing what you’re mostly passionate about.

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