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Who Am I

Who am I ?

I really don’t know who I am. I thought I knew who I am, I thought I knew what I was. When asked “Who do you think you are ?”, I answered, I am an artist, photographer, and I am also an amateur writer. I was told “you’re wrong, this is not what you really are”, and that made me feel confused. If I am not an artist, a photographer, and a writer, what could I be ? These are the only things I know best about myself, these were the only identities that I held on to for many years, and now you come and tell me that I am wrong, and that this is not really who I am ?! Who am I ? Tell me how can I answer this question of identity ? Can I find my true identity if I sold all my material possessions, and search for the wisdom of the sages, like Julian from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri” did ? How can “true” identity be found ?


Nostalgia, and Sadness…

I was venturing through the atrium, looking for a spot to chill in. The university became so packed, that it is hard for us to find a place to sit in. Every seating area is dominated by a specific group, if you sat in their seating area, you would be stared at. To avoid this scenario, I usually look for a subtle, and isolated seating area. I came across an empty spot, and I just placed my belongings on the chair, and then I felt emotional. This particular seating area used to be “OUR” territory, my friends, and my sister’s friends used to gather in this area. We used to meet everyday in the break, we’d laugh with each other, talk with each other about random things, and we also used to eat lunch together. This was our spot, the same spot that we used to gather in 3.5 years ago. I felt sad, because our group got disintegrated, most of the girls in our group found new groups, and only some of us remained. I wish if we stayed together till the end, I feel that now that it’s the end, there’s only few people that stayed from that group.