The definition of my name “Meera”

Ever since I was a child, I kept on wondering what was the significance behind my name ? what did it mean ?, and now I have found the answer.  Once upon a time, I had to visit India, because I was told that the healthcare they provide is efficient, and that they have qualified doctors there. I remember that I went to the hospital to check my brain signals if they were normal or not, and of course I had to uncover my hair in front of the doctor who was a man (P.S, I am Muslim, and I am required to wear a garment to cover my hair). I was so nervous, because I had to uncover my hair that even the doctor felt how nervous I was. He tried to ease my nervousness by telling me a story….

I don’t quite remember the whole events of the story, but I do remember that he told me that the heroine of the story was called “Meera”, and Indians usually called her “Meera-bai”. The doctor said to me, “Do you know the meaning of your beautiful name ?”, he said, There was a goddess named “Meera-bai”, and she had a great singing voice. He told me that this Goddess devoted all her time for Lord Krishna, and as far as I remember, he also told me that she was singing, and writing poems for him. The doctor told me that if the people of India knew of my name, they would start worshiping me. This story gave me a good definition of my name, and it made me love it more than I used to do before.


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