Assassin’s Creed 4 – 13 Minutes of Caribbean Open-World Gameplay

I simply can’t wait to buy the game

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Game Director Ashraf Ismail takes us deeper into the world of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag with this new commented gameplay video. Embark on a journey with Edward and discover his daily life as a pirate and Assassin in this Open-World demo, in a quest for glory, fame and hidden treasures. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is due for release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U.

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My true friend, I know you won’t read this, but….

In life, you just stumble upon great people who change you from the inside, they bring out the best in you, they make you feel good about yourself. Sometimes they can just lift away your sorrow with a simple silly joke. There are also those people that sit down and listen to all your complaining, and they eventually present you with a beautiful, and helpful advice. Sometimes, knowing that they are there in your life can simply make you crack a smile. We all need people that care about us, we all need people that love us for who we are, and we all need people who are willing to stay by our side in our good and dark times.

I am so glad to say that I have found someone like this, someone who is loving, caring, and so dear to me. I found a true friend whom I love from the depth of my heart, that friend is someone whom I am never going to forget. We started off as strangers, we became so close, and then we learned to love each other. You might view yourself as a normal person, but I look up to you, because you are more than that. A friend like you should be kept close to the heart, because nowadays, it gets hard to find people with hearts as big as your heart.You changed my view about people, you made me see the good in people, and most importantly, you made me see the good in me.

I simply cannot find the right words to thank you for everything that you have done to me. Everyday I wake up and I pray to god that you will always stay a part of my life. I pray to god that you will always be happy, I pray to god that you will always have a reason to smile. I pray to god that everyone should have someone like you.



God bless you, my true friend.



In the streets of Bangkok

In  the streets of Bangkok

This picture shows a stand where the lady sells pomegranate juice and pineapple juice in a bottle. This shot was taken at one of Bangkok’s crowded streets. At night, you would hear the sound of the sellers shouting at the top of their lungs “Madam, come see what I have”, and the restaurants would be so crowded with people laughing, eating, and enjoying their time.

Why did I post this picture, you ask ?
well, it is because this was the only thing that I agreed to drink from the stand located at one of the streets of Bangkok.


My beautiful stranger

I came back home after a tiresome day, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and got in my pj’s, and I jumped in bed. I simply closed my eyes, and 5 minutes later, I found myself on a beautiful island. The island was so pretty, it was filled with large palm trees and beautiful bungalows. I started walking down the beach, simply admiring the blue sea. I was walking, and walking until I reached a deserted area. It seemed like no one on this island has set foot on this area. I stood still, gazing around me, I was trying to catch a glimpse of a silhouette. It looked as if there was a tall man wearing a black coat standing there. I tried to approach him, but there was something in me that kept on telling me not to go any further. “Hello sir, hey, do you hear me” I said to the man, hoping that he would listen to me. Even when I called, he stood there motionless. I called him again “hey, do you hear me ?”, and then he turned around. I stood there, watching and admiring his beautiful face. The first thought that came to my mind was “how could such a human being exist ?” His face was just so bright, muscular, manly, and beautiful. His smile was deadly as a sword, his hair was dark as the night, and his eyes, oh his eyes where grey like ash, but they had this touch of evilness in them. Seeing him, I felt like I have seen an angel. I don’t know who that man was, and I basically still don’t know who he was, but all I know is that I woke up from this dream feeling so happy.